Interactive Visualization With ggplot2 and Plotly

A article about Interactive ggplot2 Visualization.

Tourism in Nepal

In the last blog, I extracted the data about Nepal tourism from Wikipedia using the Rvest Package. In this blog, I will analyse the extracted data and create the visualization using ggplot2, plotly and gganimate.

Scraping Data From Wikipedia With R

In Data Analysis require a data on which we can perform analysis and find insights. We always don't get clean open data for our analysis so we need to create, find our data. In this post, I describe how to extract data from a website using R.

TidyTuesday:Video Games

Data Analysis and visualization of the Video Game Data from TidyTuesday week of 2019-07-30.

Visualizing Earthquake

Interactive visualization of earthquake using R and Highcharter

Statistics with R Part-1

Using R to to do statistics part -1

Data Science With R Workshop

R Nepal and Kathfest collaborated to organize the 3 days "Data Science with R" workshop. This workshop was held in Kathford Engineering College on occasion of the Kathfest.

Local Hack Day DataHackthon 2018

I organized MLH Local Hackday DataHackthon in ACHS College on Dec 1st,2018. MLH Local Hackday Hackathon is 12 hours global event which is held on December 1 every year around the world.R Nepal was also one of the organizers of the MLH Local Hackday with the moto of Learning, Building, Sharing.

Classification of Survival in Titanic

Post on using Machine Learning to classify the Survival of the Titanic Passengers.

Data Visualization with ggplot2

Basic data visualization in R using ggplot2 package

EDA on Titanic

A Blog about Exploratory Data Analysis on Titanic Disaster.

Machine Learning on Iris

A post on the use of Machine Learning to classify the species of the iris flower

Population Analysis

Analysis and Visualization of population with Python

US Immigration

Analysis of US immigration from SAARC country

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