Local Hack Day 2018

I organized MLH Local Hackday DataHackthon in ACHS College on Dec 1st,2018. MLH Local Hackday Hackathon is 12 hours global event which is held on December 1 every year around the world. RNepal was also one of the organizers of the MLH Local Hackday with the moto of

Learning, Building, Sharing.

Me Presenting

The DataHackthon was a learning platform where people learned about the data analysis and Data Science by working on some datasets which were provided by the organizer. The participants were divided into groups and worked on the data project.

Local Hack Day 2018

I gave a presentation about data analysis and machine learning. How it is done and what the career prospects in this field. I also talked about the powerful R language and its role in Machine Learning and Data Science.

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Local Hack Day 2018

There were 40 participants in the event and they worked in a group to solve the data problem. They presented their insights using reports, graphs and presentation. Every group were given a certificate of participation in MLH Local HackDay DataHackthon by Data Scientist Saurav Paudel. There were some swags and stickers provided by the MLH team and we shared with participants and guest. Overall the event was successful and it was a great experience to organize such a great global event.

Group Photo